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Being a hair condition nut, I wanted to be sure that the Hair Extensions I recommend & install do absolutely no damage to hair at all. This is why I will only use a cold fusion technique known as micro rings. No heat, No chemicals. They simply attach to your hair using a tiny metal ring. Which is then clamped shut. I have used Micro/Nano Rings since 2007.


  1. Consultation : (free and no obligation) Let’s talk through your options.
  2. Condition : Before we begin installing hair extensions I will give your hair/scalp a full diagnosis of its current condition. This helps the longevity of the hair.
  3. Colour Matching : For a completely natural finish i like to mix 3 colour tones to match you natural hair colour perfectly.
  4. Installation : Process may take between 1 & 3 hours.
  5. Advice : Tips for keeping your new hair in tip top condition.
  6. 2 Week Check : Location of your choice, we can check the extensions are strong.
  7. Maintenance : (Cost £50 per hour maximum 3 hours) Every 4-6 weeks its good practice to have the Extensions moved back up to the root of the hair. Failure to do this will result in the hair becoming exposed and weak.

If you are interested in Hair Extensions and would like a no obligation consultation with me. Contact me here Prices Vary according to Length and Volume. Scroll to the bottom for aftercare advice.

Lost your hairdresser’s number? or cannot get in touch with the previous extensionist? Don’t panic I also provide a Hair Maintenance Service charged at £50 per hour whereas I am able to maintain your hair in a heart beat.

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I use Prestige Hair Extensions, this hair can be washed, dried, straightened and curled in almost exactly the same way your natural hair. The chemicals you apply to your extensions in addition to the heat used to style your hair can cause damage over time (details below). Correct aftercare will prolong the condition of your new hair extensions.
Real Human Hair Extensions can be heat styled at any temperature but high temperatures can cause colour fading in the same way your own hair colour fades with heat.
All hair unless stated as “Virgin” is coloured with various hair dyes. Sometimes these hair dyes can be seen washing out on the first couple of washes – unless the colour fades this is not a fault but can cause people with allergies to react to the hair dye – due to this we do not claim our extensions to be suitable for people with allergies to hair dye.
Hair extensions (especially blonde) can discolour over time or when exposed to various environmental factors and even standard beauty products. Extra care should be taken to avoid the extensions coming into contact with sun protection creams and false tans which can rapidly change the hair to a pink/peach/copper colour which can be very difficult to remove. Argan oil can also stain the hair especially when combined with heat. When travelling abroad high mineral content in the water and swimming pools can also stain blonde extensions. This is not a fault with the extensions and will not qualify for a refund or replacement.
Clients should be informed of their own responsibility to avoid these problems. The total cost of extensions should be explained before application including aftercare, refitting and removal fees. Extensions require ongoing maintainence and refitting sometimes at short notice in the event of an accident (for example – using conditioner on tapes or micro rings makes them more likely to fall out) If the client can not afford to pay for unexpected extra maintainence or removal they are not a good candidate for extensions.

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