Hair Products (recommended)

I recommend for you to use certain products on your hair. I have to as it’s my job!
Click the image below and the page will open into your own amazon account. Search for the Product i have recommended for you and you can buy it now for the cheapest price on the internet! Woohoo – Winning!

For Transparency i will receive a small commission for introducing you to these products if you Buy. You get the right product for the right price.
And i get a tip. We are both winning!!!!

Hair Care – Condition is King

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Hair Vitamins – Give yourself the optimal chance of thickening your hair!!!

GK Hair Deep conditioner 200g Without a doubt an absolute hero of a hair conditioning product. I have used this product to tame the most bleach damaged hair and it works every time. 9.5/10

L’Oreal Elnett Supreme Hold Hairspray 400ml

Elnet The undisputed hairspray champion of all time. Shine and no stickiness. Hold that brushes out. #genius 9/10 by L’Oreal Professional Pli – Thermo Fixing Spray 125ml

The best setting lotion on the planet. By Far 9.5/10

Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion (50ml)

My favourite hair product that cares for and sooth the hair and scalp.
I use this if the hair and scalp has had a lot of stimulant. 9.5/10

Styling by Phyto Professional: Intense Volume Mousse / 6.7 fl.oz. 200ml

Want Volume? Get this mousse. Use it twice for double the volume. Dry into wet hair and style as normal. 8/10

GKhair Argan Oil Hair Serum – Anti-Frizzing – For Dry Hair & Split Ends 50ml

Best oil for Keratin infused locks. I used to work for GKhair and i know this product inside and out. Feels as good on hair as it does on skin. 9/10


Brushes have a very important role in creating a flat cuticle on the hair surface. This flat surface will help reflect light and therefore create Shine!

The best brush by far for Blow drying is anything from the YS Park range of brushes.

My favourite hair brand is yspark

A great blow dry requires a great blow dryer. I am a big fan of the Italian Brand Gamma Piu they are by far the best hairdryers i have ever used. 9/10

P.s Dont waste your money on the new Dyson dryer (its 6 times the price and will probably not last a year)

These are things i can recommend till the cows come home.

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