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GKhair Leave-In Spray, 30 ml –

 approx £8 (click image for latest prices)

GKhair Leave-In Spray, 120 ml – approx £21 

  • Delivers moisture while strengthening each strand for protection
  • Used as a blow drying aid or to protect hair before going in the pool
  • Helps boost hair’s strength and manageability
  • Creates a protective shield over each strand
  • Smooths hair, eliminates frizz and replenishes
  • Perfect for Hair Extensions.

GKhair Leave-In Conditioner Cream, 130 ml  approx £21 

  • Delivers moisture while strengthening each strand for protection
  • Used as a blow drying aid or to protect hair before going in the pool
  • Helps boost hair’s strength and manageability
  • Creates a protective shield over each strand
  • Smooths hair, eliminates frizz and replenishes
  • Ideal for Thick or Coarse hair.
  • No Sodium Chloride (salt) Sulfate’s or Parabens which make this a must for Hair with Condition in Mind.

Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion 250ml 

approx £23 click link to get best price today.
  • A blend of herbs, vitamins & Tea Tree Oil replaces moisture, soothes, detangles and enhances the performance of styling products

GKhair Argan Oil Hair Serum – Anti-Frizzing – 50ml

  • ✔️ ALL HAIR TYPES: Suits all types of hair and scalp, including oily, frizzy, dry, brittle, damaged or color-treated hair
  • ✔️ DAILY USE: This hair treatment is suitable for daily use
  • ✔️ ENDLESS SHINE: Reduces the appearance of frizz and restores endless shine to your hair
  • ✔️ INSTANT TAME: Instantly tames and conditions the look of your hair
  • ✔️ NON-GREASY: Lightweight and non-greasy straightening serum

Hair Vitamins

Pure Biotin
Biotin Tablets For Hair 12000mcg 180 Vegan Tablets – Biotin Hair Growth Tablets for Women and Men

Shampoo & Conditioners

GKhair Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo, 100 ml

Gently soothes and moisturizes the scalp and hair
Hair is nourished with plant extracts
Designed to remove unwanted oil from the hair
Perfect for normal to dry/coarse hair types

GKhair Moisturizing Conditioner Color Protection For Dry/Normal Hair with Organic Oil Extracts 100 ml

✔️ Scalp Moisturizer: It moisturizes the scalp removing dryness and adding smoothness to your hair.

  • ✔️ Color Protection: It locks the natural proteins of hair and protects the color to give long lasting results.
  • ✔️ For All Hair Type: It removes frizz while adding smoothness to your hair with static reduction making them easily manageable, works on all type of hairs
  • ✔️ Sulfate Free: It contains keratin, natural plant extracts and natural seed oils that strengthen your hair to protect each strand against damage also restoring them from inside out.

Redken High Rise Volume Shampoo 300 ml – Approx £10 (click thru image to get best value)

Approx £10 

  • For fine or flat hair
  • High Rise Lifting Shampoo is a full volume shampoo for fine or flat hair
  • Content: 300ml
  • With silicone polymers on your side, leaving your hair silky smooth and soft

Approx £10

For fine or flat hair

Content: 250ml With Filloxane and Silicone for shine and improve wet comb-ability

GKhair Deep Conditioner, 200 g approx £37

Delivers moisture and nourishes hair for a smooth and sleek deep treatment

Strengthens hair weakened by chemicals, heat styling and environmental effects

Repairs damage with natural plant extracts and oils


Let’s Solve issues. Dandruff, I was brought up with Redken shampoos and they really are the best value for money shampoo’s and conditioners on the market. They are extremely concentrated and smell great. 9/10

Redken SCALP Oil Detox Shampoo 300 ml

Let’s Solve issues. Oily/Greasy scalp. This product gives the perfect response to hair that is producing to much oil. Remember oil is food for hair. I recommend that you wash your hair less. If you cannot go without your daily dose of shampoo use this 8/10

Do you need to Remove colour or deep clean your hair?

Global Keratin GKhair ph+ Pre – Treatment Clarifying Shampoo 10.1oz / 300ml | For Deep Cleansing, Removes Impurities – With Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Natural Oils
price approx £12.00 This product can be used to remove  most colour including semi permanent colour. I’ve used it many times to remove unwanted colour from hair

Equipment : From Blowers to Brushes.

I recommend tried and tested Equipment. Performance and Longevity are key aspects for me. This is what i use

YS Park Y S Carbon Tiger 680 Boar Bristle Hair Brush


  • YS Park Y S Carbon Tiger 680 Boar Bristle Hair Brush by YS Park
  • Best for Volume
  • Best for Shine and Curl

YS Park Y S 120 CC1 Tortoise Boar Bristle Cushion Brush

Approx £88

  • YS Park Tortoise wood air vent cushion brush 20 CC1
  • Best for beautiful long hair.

ghd Gold Professional Styler


New dual-zone technology for consistent heat regulation Optimum styling temperature of 185CSmooth & contoured floating plates25 second heat up timeAutomatic sleep mode

T3 Single Pass X Hair Straighteners

  • 1.5″ Wide Plates – Cover a wider surface area to straighten more hair in less time.
  • T3 Tourmaline + Ceramic – Ionic technology ensures a long-lasting, smooth and shiny finish.
  • Advanced Digital Heating System – Maintains consistent heat to straighten in a single glide.
  • Adjustable Heating up to 410F – To perfectly style all hair types and textures.
  • 1 Hour Auto Off – For worry-free styling.

Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straightener –


Wide Plate with Protective Mat – 240C Variable Temperature Control Straightening Iron – Short or Long Hair

Gamma Piu ETC L Light Dryer Silver

  • Airflow: 108m³/h
  • Weight: 390g Wattage: 2100w
  • Lightest Professional Dryer on Market
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 100% Italian Design & Manufacture

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Hairdressing 100% Real Hair Training Head with clamp

  • PROFESSIONAL 100% Real Human Hair HAIRDRESSER’S TRAINING HEAD, 100% real remy hair in order to enhance the reality when cutting the hair
  • Approx. 14 inch (35cm)
  • Suitable for cosmetology students or anyone to practice cutting, braiding, setting, chemicals,hair dye, bleach etc. can do styling such as curly tong, flat iron etc.
  • Colour: Off Black #2 [ darkest brown ]
  • some tips to use: 1 do not comb to much, and use steel brush when comb ; 2 use hair conditioner when wash.
  • To help support me and my work please visit one of the above links.
btc standard

Books i recommend:

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. A seminal book looking at Economics, what it meant then and the future of economics going forwards. Keynesian versus Austrian economics which i’d never heard of until i got into bitcoin.

When a pseudonymous programmer introduced “a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party” to a small online mailing list in 2008, very few paid attention. Ten years later, and against all odds, this upstart autonomous decentralized software offers an unstoppable and globally-accessible hard money alternative to modern central banks. The Bitcoin Standard analyzes the historical context to the rise of Bitcoin, the economic properties that have allowed it to grow quickly, and its likely economic, political, and social implications. While Bitcoin is a new invention of the digital age, the problem it purports to solve is as old as human society itself: transferring value across time and space.


Jordan Peterson is a rock star right now. Single handedly took on the Canadian government regarding their contraversial gender pronoun laws in style. Vocal Free speech advocate like everyone should be. Lots of great advice in this book including “do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.” “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not the person you are today”

“The #1 Sunday Times and International Bestseller from ‘the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now’ (New York Times)

What are the most valuable things that everyone should know? 

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