My name is Aaron Dorn I am a hairdresser & founder of GoSalon. You may know me as a session hairdresser, one of the founders of The MHFed or simply as Karen (from Lee Stafford Live) I live five minutes walk from Rossi’s Ice Cream. I love living near the beach in Westcliff-on-sea, Essex. UK. I have a wife & two daughters of 10 & 13. By day I work as a hairdresser and educator. And by night I work on my other passion which is technology and the internet.
Headstarts is a start up accelerator that helps local businesses get their heads around the Internet & World Wide Web.
Salonomics is a podcast that discusses all things salon, politics & business topics with my good friend Joe Mehmet.
GoSalon Is a company I started with a developer friend, Neil Miller. Our motto is to “make retail easy” We are currently working on salon technologies that can help salons automate the work they hate & move into the 21st century.
I write blogs on GoSalon about digital innovation & have a passion for the grass roots hair and beauty sector. I am a digital consultant for several salon businesses.

I regularly coach professional hairdressers how to style & dress hair. My hair philosophy is that “you take care of your condition and the style will look after itself.” You can book me now by clicking this link (book now)

I love my sport and play football once a week for Earls Hall United. (Been playing in goal for the last two seasons, not happy about that but I am a team player!) We got to the cup final this year lost 2-1 After Extra Time. (Still upset at the Ref for disallowing a goal.) You may follow me on @aarondornhair on twitter and Instagram. Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here

Aaron Dorn
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