I live five minutes walk from Rossi’s Ice Cream. I love living near the beach in Westcliff-on-sea Essex, UK. I have considered moving abroad but have a wife & two daughters of 10 & 13 and that could be problematic over the next 3 years or so.My name is Aaron Dorn I am a hairdresser & founder of GoSalon. Some may remember me as a session hairdresser, one of the founders of The MHFed or simply as Karen (from Lee Stafford Live) By day I work as a hairdresser and educator. By night I work on salon technology and economics projects. In 2019 I started my own software company (GoSalon) who produce digital solutions for beauty professionals globally. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am focusing on my digital work. I write blogs about digital innovation for the hair and beauty industry. I am a digital consultant for several salon businesses.

I regularly coach professional hairdressers how to style & dress hair. My philosophy is hair health comes first – Condition is King (book now)

I love my sport and play football once a week for Earls Hall United. (Been playing in goal for the last two seasons, not happy about that but i am a team player!) We got to the cup final this year lost 2-1 After Extra Time. (Still upset at the Ref for disallowing a goal.) @aarondornhair on twitter and Insta

Aaron Dorn
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