Aaron Dorn Hair

Aaron Dorn Hair - number 1 hairdresser in Essex
Hair Condition Junkie – great hair condition is the key to great styling!

Hair Condition Nut & Hair Extension King!

Aaron has 20+ years of creating images and content for Top Commercial Brands. Check out my Hair Tips here

Aaron Dorn is an award winning Hairdresser with a unique philosophy. “Great Condition is the Holy Grail of hairdressing, If your hair is in perfect condition then you’ll never have to worry about your style again.” Great hair never goes out of fashion! Aaron prides himself on adding integrity to your hair. And refuses to compromise.

Based in Southend, Essex. Aaron travels all over the UK to look after the locks of his diverse clientele. Gents, Ladies, & Curly Girl Approved. He offers a professional and discreet 24/7 service. BOOK a hair consultation NOW